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You are here not by chance, regardless of cause. Any reason that you imagine would only be illusive, because with the mind a man can not understand himself, what he actually needs and what he lives for. The lack of understanding of his own desires and aspirations causes a plenty of diverse problems. This site is designed to help you to get rid of suffering, diseases, or at least to solve the outstanding problems, no matter what is your life situation. And those who have chosen the path of the researcher and tend to look beyond words, will find here the key to understanding of their true nature.

Know yourself

Light and Love to all!!!

Know yourself

The truth is silent, but to tell about it, the words are necessary



In search of Enlightenment


You are here in consequence of your search of what could change your life for the better. But what is “the better”? - A subconscious assessment that right now is worse than it could be. But what happened already took its place and otherwise could not be, however the opinion that “it could be better” causes the rejection of what is going on at present and brings to life pain and suffering. Desire for the better leads thoughts away from ¬¬the present, makes mind restless and doesn’t let see good what is happening now. On account of such carelessness harmless reality situations begin to seem as problems:

  • Someone is tired of living captured in emotions, all the time subjected to the whims of his mood.
  • Someone is tortured by constantly emerging fears and worries that prevent him to enjoy life.
  • Someone is looking for something that will help him to solve his problems in relationship, family, at home or at work.
  • Someone has the desire to achieve financial success, and someone, having already reached financial prosperity and having realized that you can not buy happiness, wants to learn to be happy.
  • Maybe someone wants to attain a spiritual experience and follow the heart and love, and someone desires to understand his religious convictions.
  • Someone tired to spin like a squirrel in a cage, and he is looking for a way to escape from the routine of everyday life.
  • Someone is looking for a lifeline in an attempt to get rid of some suffering, disease or infirmity.
  • Someone has realized that attending the doctors or psychologists brings only a temporary relief, and decided to help himself to change, but does not know where to start.
  • Someone has got confused in his desires, and having realized that the fulfillment of desires does not make him happy, wants to make sense of where do desires lead him and what does he really need.
  • Someone has already found out the power of intention and wants to learn how to create his life consciously.
  • And some have already realized the illusory nature of their aspirations and have come here, wanting to find out who they are and that they live to be free from dependence on their mind.

The true reason that you are here, consciously or unconsciously is a desire to know yourself, to find out who you really are to forever get rid from the dependence of the mind bringing pain and suffering.

All problems somehow or other are originated in beliefs that you have collected throughout your life, accepting a lot with faith, not bothering to do research. Such uncontrolled collection of information leads to confusion in the mind, that causes anxieties and worries.

Knowledge is similar to the acquired things that you store at home. After all, you, often based on some considerations formed from beliefs imposed on you, thoughtlessly buy this or that thing, that when you buy you may feel necessary. Time passes, and you buy the next thing, putting the old into the corner as useless. Then all over again, and at one point, you suddenly notice that your home has become a dumping ground of old and useless things and you almost don’t have place to live. And then you have to clean up the house, throwing out all useless staff. In the same manner the order should be brought to your mind, to see what is accumulated, to get rid of beliefs that have become obsolete and are now working against you. The attachment to the old and no longer useful prevents you of going beyond the limiting concepts, to think and act freely, to realize finally, why have you come into this world and what you really want.

This site is designed to help you to get rid of suffering, diseases, or at least to solve the outstanding problems, no matter what is your life situation. And those who have chosen the path of the researcher and tend to look beyond words, will find here the key to understanding of their true nature.

With love, Stanislav Milevich

Translator: Anton Kobylyanskyy

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