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You are here not by chance, regardless of cause. Any reason that you imagine would only be illusive, because with the mind a man can not understand himself, what he actually needs and what he lives for. The lack of understanding of his own desires and aspirations causes a plenty of diverse problems. This site is designed to help you to get rid of suffering, diseases, or at least to solve the outstanding problems, no matter what is your life situation. And those who have chosen the path of the researcher and tend to look beyond words, will find here the key to understanding of their true nature.

Know yourself

Light and Love to all!!!

Know yourself

The truth is silent, but to tell about it, the words are necessary



Life is Dream

For many years I`ve been having the same dream, which became kind of inevitable reality, where I get into my own car and drive along a partly sleepy midnight city towards my fate, which seems to be waiting for me over the corner.

But here is a turn, here is one more, and again a turn – and there happens absolutely nothing again. I put on gas again just as if kind of unknown inevitability makes me go further.

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The Sage Sidha

The Sage Sidha

In a land far away on the endless spreading coast of the ocean the sage Sidha lives. People are saying that he had been living for a long time and he seems to know, where the truth is. Many truth searchers had come to him after this knowledge, but he revealed it only to few ones.

Once a young man came to the sage and appealed to him with the words:

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Love and Light

Love and Light. Stanislav Milevich

All around you is love and light, and they fill you when you are in a state of harmony,accordance, acceptance, appearing in everything: in good health, mood, in the light of your eyes, in the smile, not descending from your face, in good words and deeds.

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Spiritual Power

Spiritual power  is not breaching walls with your fist, but your ability to hold your balance, be unprejudiced in any life situation. . Stanislav MilevichOnce Chen saw his teacher breaching a wall with his fist at the competition of karate masters. Chen was under great impression for several days after this sight. Even though he had known that his teacher was a great master, he was so much impressed that he could think about nothing more but that.

Chen wanted so much to learn to breach a wall with a fist  as well, but for a long time he didn`t dare to ask his teacher about that. All in all his desire to own this secret prevailed and, having chosen an appropriate moment, Chen asked his teacher a question:

- O Sensei, you can so easily breach a wall with your fist, and no matter how many times I try, it  doesn`t bother the wall. What is the secret?

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How to fulfill a wish?

How to fulfill your wish? How to attract desired events into your life?Interviewer: How to fulfill a wish? How to attract desired events into your life?

Stanislav: You should learn to understand what you really want. Otherwise, the fulfilled wish will not look like the desired one.
Interviewer: Sometimes we wish that everything was the way we want. For example, a lot of money, free time and fulfillment of our old goals, which we have failed to do for years.

Stanislav: Have ever thought why you need it?

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What is Life?

Life is a motion, a game, but anyone can understand it only by himself, when stops producing confined beliefs about him and life.Interviewer: Stanislav, please, tell about yourself.

Stanislav: I am.

Interviewer: What brought you to seek the truth?

Stanislav: The nature of the mind.

Interviewer: How much time did it take for you?

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