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You are here not by chance, regardless of cause. Any reason that you imagine would only be illusive, because with the mind a man can not understand himself, what he actually needs and what he lives for. The lack of understanding of his own desires and aspirations causes a plenty of diverse problems. This site is designed to help you to get rid of suffering, diseases, or at least to solve the outstanding problems, no matter what is your life situation. And those who have chosen the path of the researcher and tend to look beyond words, will find here the key to understanding of their true nature.

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Know yourself

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How to get rid of the fear?

How to get rid of the fear. Stanislav MilevichFear is similar to your shade running in front of you. It is unreal as well as is perceived as a shade. But think a little, should you be afraid of your own shade?

Fear is a wish to save and protect the imagined. Fear cannot appear on its own. For the fear to appear, one should create in one`s imagination someone who is afraid. The objects of the fear appear as the imagined inside the experiencing person.

In order to get rid of the fear, you should examine it. Realize that you are in the place where you are, and right now. There is no past, it is just a flashback, fragments of the memory. There is no future now – that is just your imagination, the idea of the mind about how everything must be. Examine carefully the objects of the fear, where they are and what they appear to be. Get assured that there is nothing there and now, that this is just the play of imagination of your mind wandering in time and space. Consider how this imagination appears, how it creates inside you reasons, objects of the fear and the one who is scared.

The scared one appears as the idea of the mind about the fact that there exists the one, in whom the fear can appear. On its own the scared one doesn`t appear to be anything. This is a construction of the wandering mind, with which you have identified yourself and now consider it to be your personality. Unable to accept the coming as inevitability, the scared person worries that the future will not coincide with its idea about it. This feeling stirs up emotions, and the excited mind begins to imagine unfavourable pictures about how the future will be destroying the valuable for this person, from its point of view. In such a way the fear of the future appears.

Examine attentively inside yourself the scared one, get assured that there is no the scared one in reality, it exists only as the construction, which was created by your mind in its imagination. Put a question to yourself: if the experiencing, inside of whom the fear appears, appears to be nothing, then what is the fear?

Fear is the imagination of the mind disoriented by the feeling, which creates the wish that the imagined idea about what the reality must be didn`t get destroyed. The fear exists until the inevitability comes. Any threat is scary until it becomes true. When the inevitability comes, the fear disappears.

The fear exists as a worry about the future, which is not here and now. It is similar to your shade running in front of you. It is unreal as well as is perceived as a shade. But think a little, should you be afraid of your own shade?

Calm down your mind and examine carefully what are in fact your ideas of how everything should be until you realize these are just illusions created by your own fantasy. As soon as you realize that, all your fears will disappear.

Author: Stanislav Milevich

Translator: Nataly Zhemchugova

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