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You are here not by chance, regardless of cause. Any reason that you imagine would only be illusive, because with the mind a man can not understand himself, what he actually needs and what he lives for. The lack of understanding of his own desires and aspirations causes a plenty of diverse problems. This site is designed to help you to get rid of suffering, diseases, or at least to solve the outstanding problems, no matter what is your life situation. And those who have chosen the path of the researcher and tend to look beyond words, will find here the key to understanding of their true nature.

Know yourself

Light and Love to all!!!

Know yourself

The truth is silent, but to tell about it, the words are necessary


Self-knowledge is not a goal, but an endless process. When asking yourself a question “Who I am?”, explore each answer attentively, discerning illusive. What is left after all illusive is cast aside, is your I.

Who am I? Self-exploration

Who am I? Self-exploration

Have you ever reflected upon who you truly are? Have you ever asked yourself a question `Who am I?` Ask why? At least to explore the reasons of pain, suffer, fears, worries, feelings and liberate yourself from them.

Start exploring your `I`- this is a constantly changing idea of your mind about itself. And you will notice that your `I` is like this today, tomorrow it is different and in many years this `I` wonders:

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Striving for perfection

Perfection. Photo

All perfection is in you, it is your nature and there is no such doctrine, able to make you more perfect. There is no ideal to aspire, nor any development necessary to do. Striving for perfection is nothing more than the desire of the conditioned mind, lost in its selfish need to improve its separation in objective reality.

Be attentive towards yourself and what is going on, comprehend your true nature. Keep things simple, no matter what, do not stop, do not evaluate that what is happening. Take things as they are, be aware of each occurring event, each arising feeling.

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Ten Commandments of attainment of truth

Ten Commandments of attainment of truth

There are Ten Commandments of attainment of truth.

1. Always stay here and now without leaning and wandering with your mind in time and space.

2. Always watch your thoughts developing inside yourself a skill of distinguishing the true from the illusive. Rejecting everything false, skin deep, direct your attention inside, into depth.

3. Bond your mind to self-enquiry, and stay there steadily.

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Mysteries of the Universe

For those, who percept this world just as material one, mysteries of the Universe will be endless.

All Universe is a game of imagination of the infinite consciousness and consists of its thoughts. It seems to be material one only due to algorithms of its perception system, part of which is the human mind. For those, who percept this world just as material one, mysteries of the Universe will be endless.

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How to get rid of the fear?

How to get rid of the fear. Stanislav MilevichFear is similar to your shade running in front of you. It is unreal as well as is perceived as a shade. But think a little, should you be afraid of your own shade?

Fear is a wish to save and protect the imagined. Fear cannot appear on its own. For the fear to appear, one should create in one`s imagination someone who is afraid. The objects of the fear appear as the imagined inside the experiencing person.

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