Ten Commandments of attainment of truth

Ten Commandments of attainment of truth

There are Ten Commandments of attainment of truth.

1. Always stay here and now without leaning and wandering with your mind in time and space.

2. Always watch your thoughts developing inside yourself a skill of distinguishing the true from the illusive. Rejecting everything false, skin deep, direct your attention inside, into depth.

3. Bond your mind to self-enquiry, and stay there steadily.

4. Listen out for what is going on in your body. Realize that everything that is happening in your mind finds its reflection in the body. Take care of your body to be always relaxed.

5. Watch your actions as if from the sidelines realizing their underlying reason and motivation.

6. Watch your emotions. Take care of the origin of your feelings, realize true reasons of their origin. Keep emotions and mental fluctuations.

7. Watch impersonally the happening around things, don`t let your mind involve into this process, estimate and explain.

8. Accept humbly any challenges as granted, as learning, as an experience.

9. Continuously return to the question `Who am I?`.Get rid of the striving to estimate yourself. Do not identify yourself with anything. Rejecting everything false, clarify who you are not until you reach your true nature.

10. Always aim for knowledge of the Truth and nothing else but that, do not give into false temptation. Reject everything offered by the mind and look for the higher I in everything...

Author: Stanislav Milevich

Translator: Nataly Zhemchugova

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