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You are here not by chance, regardless of cause. Any reason that you imagine would only be illusive, because with the mind a man can not understand himself, what he actually needs and what he lives for. The lack of understanding of his own desires and aspirations causes a plenty of diverse problems. This site is designed to help you to get rid of suffering, diseases, or at least to solve the outstanding problems, no matter what is your life situation. And those who have chosen the path of the researcher and tend to look beyond words, will find here the key to understanding of their true nature.

Know yourself

Light and Love to all!!!

Know yourself

The truth is silent, but to tell about it, the words are necessary

The Sage Sidha

The Sage Sidha

In a land far away on the endless spreading coast of the ocean the sage Sidha lives. People are saying that he had been living for a long time and he seems to know, where the truth is. Many truth searchers had come to him after this knowledge, but he revealed it only to few ones.

Once a young man came to the sage and appealed to him with the words:

- Oh, wise and worthy Sidha, you know about the truth, which I have been searching for so long and fruitless. Anything, that I find out about it, distracts my mind. Tell me, please, what I am doing wrong? What is the secret of perceiving the truth?

The monk continued sitting motionless with a fixed gaze into the distance. It seemed to the young saddha-man that Sidha didn`t hear him as suddenly the monk uttered:

- The truth is inside everyone, but it reveals only to the one, who persistently, studying oneself and the seeming world around, drop by drop denies one`s wrong imagination about oneself and the world around, who devoted oneself only to perceiving of the truth and doesn`t distract on the daily, constantly changing, existing only in one`s conditioned mind.

- I have decided to devote my whole life to perceiving of the truth and nothing else, but knowledge about the truth attract my attention. I beg, reveal me the knowledge.

A good sparkle flashed In the monk`s eyes.

- Fine, I will give you this knowledge only if you manage to take it. Today in the midnight, when the moon rises, come to the steep at the ocean coast. - with these words the monk turned away and didn`t let fall a word.

When the young man in the midnight came to the arranged place, he saw Sidha sitting motionless in Lotos and admiring the moon reflection in water. Having noticed the young man, the monk nodded inviting him to sit nearby and, putting a finger to the lips, showed the surface of water, where a moon -glade was spreading, moving into the infinity. They were sitting for a long time silently watching this picture, and then the monk asked the young man:

- Tell me, what you can see down there?

- The moon-glade.

- If that is a glade, can you walk down it?

- No, it is only a reflection of the moon on the sea surface.

- It results, this glade is unreal? - asked Sidha.

- Yes, - replied the young man. - This glade is unreal.

- But if it is unreal, why do you see it? - asked the monk again.

The young man`s face looked apparently confused. Sidha continued:

- Gaze into this moon-glade carefully. It consists of many flecks, which seem to be something separate, but together they make something that doesn`t look like moon. The whole seeming to you world, which contains a variety of objects, is similar to the moon-glade and doesn`t look like completely what creates it. This world can`t be thought neither real nor unreal. It is just a multiple reflection of one imagination in the mirror of your restless consciousness and only seems multiple just as the moon-glade seems to consist of various flecks of the moon. But the moon seems multiple only because of multiple reflections in the waves on the surface of the sea. And if you move your attention from the moon-glade on the moon itself, then you will be revealed the thing that, being reflected, creates this glade. You can`t find the truth only because you are searching it in the reflection of your restless consciousness. And until your attention is not fixed on the reflection only, you will be searching the truth in this seeming world. But it looks as stupid as if trying to find the moon in one of the flecks. In order to see the truth, one should take your attention away from this seeming, constantly changing world and focus towards that only, constant, which creates it. As soon as you take away your attention from the moon-glade, you will discover the moon by itself, the surface of the sea, that reflects the image of the moon. Your consciousness is always excited like a sea surface and reflects the only as an infinitive multiplicity of the seeming objects, turning this only reflection into the seeming to you endless universe.

- It turns out that the truth in this case is like the moon, but just invisible?

-You are too quick with the conclusions. In order the moon to become the moon-glade, it must reflect on the surface of the sea, just like the appearance of the universe, it must reflect in the mirror of the consciousness. But what you see as the universe is just the reflection of the invisible in your consciousness.

- And what is this, the invisible? Is it the truth?

- This invisible cannot be the truth – it is just the flight of the imagination. You cannot call it neither real nor unreal. It is also constantly changing, appears and disappears, and being reflected in the consciousness, takes various shapes.

- But if the reflection is not the truth and what creates it is just imagination, so where should one search the truth?

- The truth is what is constant, and it is inside you. Apart from the seeming and always changing in you, look for the constant inside.

Author: Stanislav Milevich

Translator: Nataly Zhemchugova

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